Physics teacher intrigues class with creative lesson


Chloe Bishop

Physics teacher Linda Spangler uses vandagraph machine to demonstrate electrostatics during 2A core physics class.

Chloe Bishop, Staff Writer

Physics teacher Linda Spangler decided to do quick one-day lesson with her core classes on electrostatics.

She incorporated Rice Krispie cereal in her lesson and set it on the generator, which made it fly out of the cup.

The class consisted of six various stations, all demonstrating electrostatics. Stations included the runaway soda, the mystery board, and many more.

Students volunteered to stand by the vandagraph machine with their hands on it to see if their hair would stand up. Although the students felt it was humorous, they were not successful.

Students also played with Energy Sticks, which showed the importance of closed and open circuits to allow the flow of energy.

“I thought it was very interesting to see how electricity moves through the body and reacts with people around you,” said senior Richard Brady.