Art classes take field trip to local art museum, learn new color techniques

Museum of Contemporary Art showcase new approaches to art

Photo of senior Sebastian Grant talking about a work of art.

Reese Fields

Photo of senior Sebastian Grant talking about a work of art.

Reese Fields, Staff Writer

This April, art teachers Abbigail Sullivan and Lindsay Roberts took their art foundations, AP art, and AP art history classes on a field trip to the Museum of Contemporary Art.

Most of the artwork at MOCA is created by living artists, and they showcase artists that are either radical in their day or have found new approaches to depicting objects and ideas.

The students split into two groups and took a group tour around the museum, and for an hour the tour guide provided them with insight about each of the pieces while questioning students on their knowledge of art.

Afterwards everyone regrouped in the art studio. The museum instructor discussed the creative process of surrealism and guided them in a group activity where each student took 30 seconds to add onto each others’ artwork. He then introduced a watercolor activity where they weren’t just meant to think, just draw lines and shapes; when water was added, the colors would blend into an image.

“The MOCA field trip was very informative and interesting,” said senior Lindsay Magnant. “We had a lot of freedom to explore the gallery, and a lot of us were inspired to apply the new concepts and techniques we learned back in the classroom.”