Google Classroom to be replaced with Schoology

The homepage for Schoology linked with Google Drive. Photo Credit:

Schoology will replace Google Classroom as the new online learning platform next school year.

“Schoology is part of the one-to-one initiative,” said Instructional Technology Specialist Merri Riddick. The one-to-one initiative involved the student device rollout that occured in January.

Schoology will streamline many aspects of school, including homework, class work, and grading.

“Instead of having to put grades from Google Classroom into the gradebook, grades can be put into the gradebook straight through Schoology,” said Riddick.

Students will have to adapt to the new platform during the next school year.

“I don’t think the change will affect me that much,” said sophomore Caleb Woods.

Other one-to-one schools in Virginia Beach have already implemented Schoology.

“I don’t always do well with change, especially when it comes to the technical world, but I think this is a great change,” said Green Run High School English teacher Kelly Logue-Echols in a YouTube video made by VBCPS. “The kids respond really well to it.”

Unlike Google Classroom and Edmodo, Schoology will not be a free service. Edmodo and Google Classroom were only used until the school system could find something better.

“It’ll be like a springboard for all the other digital tools teachers are using,” said Riddick.