Lacrosse begins inaugural spring season

Spring lacrosse season provides room for team improvement


Meilani Bitanga

Junior Hunter Gibbs scans the field at the game against Cox on Wed., March 14.

Lacrosse is in the midst of their first spring season with their most recent game against the Princess Anne Cavilers. The varsity and junior varsity lost, making the varsity teams record 2-6. 

Despite their losing record, this gives all players a chance to focus on what they can improve upon as a team and as an individual.

“I hope to see all of the players on the team grow and succeed throughout the season,” said sophomore Gabe Chester.

Athletes say the spring season is a time for improvement. They take this time to encourage others and improve upon their mistakes.

“I like to encourage the team by telling them to move on and learn from what they messed up,” said junior Trevor Mezzopeso. “Not every game is going to be a bad one, and you are not the only one having an off day.”

Coach Mike Schroeder, the head junior varsity coach, mixes discipline with fun to make the most out of every practice.

“I think kids respond best if they’re having fun,” said Schroeder. “I try to make practice as fun as possible and also try to make sure we have the discipline as well.”

Lacrosse will continue to practice hard and prepare for their next game against the Landstown Eagles on April 18.

“By the end of the spring season, I hope every kid improves from where they started,” said Schroeder.