Student-run companies place top 10 at competition


Sandra J. Pennecke

Local Locations Co-founders Sam Simmons and Camerin Lockey give a presentation about their company to a panel of judges at the competition.

Harley Middleton, Staff Writer

Two student-run companies from the business class placed top 10 out of 18 at local competition. At the start of the year, the business class was tasked with creating a successful student-run business.

Companies traveled to the Advanced Technology Center for the Light Speed competition on Wednesday, April 18. Similar to Shark Tank, companies were judged on their booth displays, annual reports, commercial ideas, and pitch presenters.

Local Locations, a 757 sticker company, placed third and is in the running to compete at nationals; Finito, a student coffee shop, placed ninth. The top 10 companies received scholarship money as a prize.