Astronomy group takes field trip to Washington D.C.


Rockets and missiles inside the National Air and Space museum in D.C.

Makenna Miller, Entertainment Editor

Friday morning, a small group of astronomy students traveled to Washington D.C. to explore the National Air and Space Museum in. Astronomy teacher Michelle Bailey-Hennessy spent the last two months filling out paper work to make this long distance field trip a reality.

Each student explored subjects that ranged from the Wright Brothers plane structure to the universe’s dark matter and energy.

“I was shocked by the size of the planes and missiles and how surreal the planetarium was,” said junior Destin Peebles.

Not only did the group attend the Air and Space Museum but the Smithsonian of Natural History as well. They explore marine life in the trenches to catch a glimpse of the cursed Hope Diamond, and learn more about evolution of humans.

“I would definitely come back and explore other parts of Washington D.C.,” said Destin.