Freshman volunteers as student assistant to give back


Abby Asimos

Teacher assistant Karson McKendry helps Special Ed. student Michael Fernas-Cambal with his classwork on Tuesday.

Freshman Karson McHendry works as a teacher’s assistant for 4A’s resource class. His job entails helping out in the classroom but also having fun with the students.   

“Each Special Education class starts with a warm up to help get the students going. I help out by answering questions, keeping students on task, and assisting the teachers during lessons,” said Karson. “We do this walking exercise program, so sometimes we go outside or walk the school. Every once and awhile, we do special things like crafts, and I just help in general with that.”

“I like working in the classroom because I want to be a special ed teacher when I grow up, and I think having real experience will help me a lot. Plus they always make me smile; they are some of the sweetest kids I’ve ever met,” said Karson. “It’s such a rewarding experience, and it’d really be great if more people helped out.”