Social media privacy is an issue, keep life more private

Social Media is a tool, plain and simple. It’s a means of communication between people, and a way of getting our voices out into the world. But how much of ourselves are we making available to the public? Our generation spends so much time in the media world, and we know things about each other that we probably should not.

The younger generations have been lectured time and time again by the older generation about how we spend too much time on our phones. We cannot connect with people or be social. I think the opposite is true. Our generation is far too connected.

There are people who post every action, every word on social media. If you visit Instagram, you can see profiles and stories for any person and know everything they did in the past week. Apps like Snapchat even allow you to track the location of people you have friended in the app. The privacy and safety of our generation was thrown out the window when social media was introduced. And it all comes down to one thing: performing.

Our generation has this unequal desire to perform. We do it in our everyday lives. This is why social media is so popular, it gives our generation an outlet for all of our ideas and aspirations, but it also puts us in danger. Social media sites like Instagram and Snapchat and even Youtube reveal personal details to the world. A world where anyone can access anything with little effort, and nothing can be erased. Employers and Deans can look at everything you’ve posted, and everything you’ve sent.

Our generation has traded privacy for connectivity, and none of us are safe. Social media is not going anywhere, so I urge caution. Don’t post personal information about yourself. Don’t send out your location. Be cautious with your private life.