New app skyrockets in popularity, controversies arise

During the summer, the app ‘Pokémon Go’ has been trending throughout not just the United States, but also many other countries for people of all ages. The object of the game is to walk around and different places trying to find Pokémon, and then attempt to catch them.

The recent popularity for the iPhone app has become an issue for users’ safety and even others around them. Being on the app while walking or riding a bike caused injuries for people because of their lack of awareness of their surroundings while staring at a phone screen.

“It’s unnecessary for people to be getting hurt,” said junior Madison Allen. “They should just pay attention to where they are going.”

It could also be a hazard if people use the app while driving. There have even been signs on the interstate saying ‘Don’t Pokémon and drive’.

The game has also caused issues involving trespassing and loitering. Some restaurants and stores have put up signs in the front of their buildings stating that Pokémon are only for customers, because individuals would often walk in to catch the Pokémon and leave right after.

But along with some of the negative aspects that have come with the game, there are also some positives. It has caused people to go outside more than usual and has even been proven to lift the moods of people who suffer from mental illnesses like depression and anxiety.

“Ever since I got the app, I’ve been outside more than I usually would,” said freshman Hunter Randolph. “I also get more exercise by going on random walks with friends that I normally wouldn’t.”