Around Europe in 12 days


Juniors Alex Sarchet and Alexi Aboka explore the streets of France with Senior Tayler Seamen.

Twelve days to explore one continent might sound like a rather limited amount of time, but that’s exactly what a select group of Ocean Lakes students was able to accomplish. During their “Euro Trip,” these students visited five key cities across the continent in just 12 days.

Two days were spent in London, where the students got to see famous attractions, buildings, and landmarks such as Buckingham Palace and the National Treasury.

“In London we also went on the Jack the Ripper walk,” said junior Kianna Butts. “We mapped out all of his murders and even went to some of the actual locations.”

The group then traveled to Paris on the Euro Star underneath the British Channel. The students spent three days in Paris, where they saw marvels such as the Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame. The group then spent six days in Spain, travelling from Barcelona to Madrid, and finally to Toledo.

During their time in Spain, the group was able to swim in the Mediterranean, take a tour of the Royal Palace, and visit a sword factory. The group finally returned home on day thirteen after a flight cancellation stranded the group in Charlotte, North Carolina for the night.