Rising senior chosen for summer internship


Leira Sechong

Leira Sechong’s office in the Humans Resources department of the Hampton Roads Sanitation District.

Jordan Latter, Staff Writer

During VOTech junior year, Leira Sechong joined an organization called the Hampton Roads Public Works Academy, and it led to a summer internship.

“There I learned the basics of Public Works in Virginia Beach such as road work, the science behind sewage, and anything that falls under that category,” said Sechong.

Chosen by a panel of judges, the internship paid $11.92 an hour. Important criteria was considered in the selection process, like good attendance and responsibility.

At the Hampton Roads Sanitation District and Human Resources Dept., she has learned vital skills.

”Now that I’m about four weeks into the internship, I have successfully learned many administrative and office qualities, ” said Sechong.