Google Classroom begins to replace Edmodo, OneDrive

Shelly Slocum, Contributor

Walking into the classroom on the first day of school, students found that their usual Edmodo group codes could not be found on their class expectation sheets. In their place, they found codes to join groups on a new site called Google Classroom.
Though it has been around since 2014, Google Classroom has only recently gained popularity in the Virginia Beach City Public School System. Classroom is a learning program for schools that simplifies creating, distributing and grading assignments, according to Google.
“Google classroom focuses on the integration of sheets, slides, and other docs to tackle homework across all subjects,” said Andres Garrido, Technology Support Technician.
Google Classroom has been viewed as a better option due to its functions, such as its ability to link to each students’ ID number and the OneDrive account associated with it.
“It’s a division-wide shift towards Google Apps for Education,” said Meri Riddick, Instructional Technology Specialist at Ocean Lakes. “Classroom is just one application within the suite.”
The convenience of having everything under one login as well as being in link with other Google Education apps has provoked a recent transfer from Edmodo.
“I thought it was kind of weird at first, cause I’ve always used Edmodo,” said sophomore Kaylee Sinsel. “But it’s about the same. It’s not too hard for me.”
While students adjust, they sometimes forget that teachers are learning at the same time as they are.
“Many schools have actually mandated Classroom use for teachers,” said Riddick. “Our school is allowing for the shift to be more gradual. Teachers are allowed to use Classroom or Edmodo to post homework.”
Edmodo has been required to post homework on for the past three years, according to Riddick.
In hand with Google Classroom, Chrome books have been distributed throughout the VBCPS. Kellam High School is one to one with Chromebooks, according to Riddick, and all social studies classrooms received them as well.
As all of this new technology is dispersed throughout the schools, a new era of life and learning approaches.
“Using fresher and easier technology in the digital era is key for maximum student engagement and learning potential,” said Garrido.