Alumni Aaron Wickard to study at Harvard medical school

Ocean Lakes alumni Aaron Wickard shares his journey from dolphin to Harvard medical school student.


Lindsay Locke, Staff Writer

Former dolphin Aaron Wickard wanted to attend the Naval Academy at a young age, to follow in both of his parents’ footsteps, and his education there led him to pursue medicine.

Years later, that childhood dream was fulfilled. At the academy, he found it was the perfect place to develop as an individual. He found a good group of friends, and together they embraced the good and the bad.

“The opportunities the academy brought were endless too since the Navy paid for most things,” said Wickard.

These opportunities are the reason he will start his first year at Harvard this fall. Wickard was given the chance to attend Harvard Medical school, and that, explains Aaron, was too good an opportunity to turn down.

“Ocean Lakes taught me to always be looking for the next opportunity whether that be school or journalism,” said Wickard.

As he reflected on his high school days at Ocean Lakes, Aaron recalls his experience as “fun.” He served as a former editor-in-chief for the school newspaper, ran on the cross country team. He constructed a tight knit group of friends who he still considers his closest friends today. He also swam for Ocean Lakes.

“The people who affected me the most at OL were my coaches: Coach Nestor, Coach Bostic, and Coach Eldredge,” said Wickard.

Aaron didn’t begin his journey on the cross country team as the star runner, however he always received continuous support from his coaches.

“I especially owe my success to Coach Bostic,” said Wickard.

Bostic taught him how to use criticism and intensity in constructive ways, rather than feel slighted or demoralized. That lesson is one that has stuck with Wickard even after his high school days. It really helped him at the Naval Academy.

“My advice to high schoolers would be to focus your energy on whatever you’re doing right now. Don’t get caught up on where you’re headed because those things may not work out. Just do your homework, go to class, go to practice, and work hard at it.”