Preparation reason, Hurricane season

Hurricane Florence heads toward east coast


Abby Asimos

Some hurricane preparation kit essentials.

Abby Asimos, Staff Writer

As Virginia Beach nears the peak of hurricane season, locals start to prepare. With Hurricane Florence on the way, meteorologists and survival buffs alike agree that the time for preparation starts as early as Monday.

“If you’re even thinking about getting prepared, now’s the time to do it before things start selling out,” said junior and natural disaster maven Charisma Robbins. “You should have a first aid kit on hand with proper tools that would help your survival.”

While preparation before the hurricane is essential, staying informed during the storm is just as important.

“Always stay alert before, after, and during the hurricane. Watch out for flash floods and extremes winds, and leave immediately if emergency managers tell you too,” said Charisma. “Remember, when it comes to hurricanes, hope for the best but always prepare for the worst.”

Due to Hurricane Florence, students will engage in virtual learning for three of the four missed school days. These online learning days will be implemented on Oct. 28, Nov. 6, and Jan. 28, originally scheduled as staff days.