Caffeination station, a teacher’s gift to her students

History teacher Darcy Pohl provides students with a “much needed” coffee machine


Abby Asimos

Juniors Sara Luper and Lauren Barakey make coffee with Darcy Pohl’s Keurig before their AP US History class. Sept. 26, 2018

In room 158, history teacher Darcy Pohl presented a Keurig for her students that can be used for their own leisure. From tea, to coffee, to even oatmeal, Pohl’s current students have utilized this machine to their benefit.

“I love the Keurig,” said junior Sara Luper. “Sometimes I just get so tired throughout the day and I need a little pick me up. Thanks to Mrs. Pohl I can make my much-needed coffee practically whenever.”

Darcy Pohl received the Keurig as a thank you gift for writing a teacher recommendation that earned the student a very sizable scholarship.

“Since it was a gift to me from one of my past students, I wanted to share it with my current students,” said Pohl. “As long as they bring their own coffee or tea, and clean up after themselves, any of my students can use the Keurig whenever they want.”