Students audition for senior regional orchestra


Kathleen, Nomin, and Eric playing their instruments in the band room. Picture taken by Makenna Miller on September 25.

Landstown High School hosted the senior regional auditions for admission into preparatory, symphony, or chamber orchestra.

Preparatory orchestra primarily contains freshmen and sophomores. Symphony orchestra not only allows string players, but also band. Chamber orchestra primarily contains juniors and seniors, but other classes can audition.

Students had to learn three octave scales, an original etude, and sight read an unknown piece.

“The auditions were very successful,” said Karey Sitzler, “and 14 students attended this year.”

All 14 students got accepted into the orchestra they auditioned for.

Nomin Rentsendori, Shawn Watkins, Kathleen Grover, Ethan Nguyen, Eric Yeatts all made preparatory orchestra. Alan Maeh, Carson Roener, Meluna Togashi, Calvin Cummings, Andrew Hammend, Mariko Hart, Phillip Turner, and Lauren Wilson made symphony orchestra. Hannah Wu made the chamber orchestra.