Humans of OL: Jackson Ploeger


Fara Wiles

Jackson Ploeger connecting a school laptop to a printer.

Braden Ward, Staff Writer

Jackson Ploeger receives Spiceworks “tickets” to fix various issues in technology all around school because he is a member of the student pod squad.

“I handle at least two to three tickets a week,” said Jackson. 

Jackson was trained for the OLHS Pod Squad by former staff member Andres Garrido, who recently left Ocean Lakes to take an IT job in D.C.

“We learned how to add a printer with an IP address; it only took me one day of training,” said Jackson. “Some of the Promethean skills took longer.”

Although he enjoys serving as a Pod Squad member, Jackson does not plan to pursue a career in technology.

“(Pod Squad) gives me something to do for fun,” said Jackson.   

Jackson also holds an interest in photography; the sophomore takes photos for the football team along with other sports.