Dolphins defeat Chiefs on road, continue undefeated season


Quarterback Xander Jedlick warms up before leading his offense to victory at Kempsville H.S. on Oct. 19. Photo by Jackson Ploeger.

Jackson Bracknell, Editor-in-Chief

Dolphins ventured to Kempsville to win 56-12, using their explosive offense led by Beach passing leader, Xander Jedlick.

The Dolphins were neck and neck with Kempsville for the first quarter, but quickly tacked on some insurance with a talented performance from their receivers and senior running back Eli Snowden.

Eli claims the team’s motivation and success stems from working as a unit with one goal in mind: a state ring.

“We have that one heartbeat, one sound mentality,” said Eli. “ We want a ring and nothing less, we’ll remain humble and keep dominating.”