Marvel’s Spider-Man (2018 video game) attracts old school comic book enthusiasts


The cover art for Marvel’s Spider Man (Video Game).

Jackson Bracknell, Staff Writer

Insomniac Games and Marvel Entertainment teamed up to create a free-range modern twist of Marvel’s Spider-Man, pulling in old and new characters. The idea of the game is to fight crime, solve mysteries, move stealthily, and be a friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.

Combat was one of the most exciting parts of the game. It was not hard to use combos and resulted in smooth combat gameplay.

The different gadgets, suits, and skills are also a big plus in the game; gamers can save up to unlock them which adds some slickness and technology to the game.

Swinging around New York City produced a surreal feeling since New York in the game is laid out exactly like it is in real life. Playing against Parker’s longtime enemies, such as Wilson Fisk, Electro, Rhino, Scorpion, Vulture, Shocker, and most importantly, Doc Oc, was also fun and gave a sense of nostalgia.

The screen displays the different suits the player can choose from.

During the game, the player plays predominantly as Spider-Man/ Peter Parker, Mary Jane, and Miles Morales.

While playing as other characters, the main idea is stealth. In fact, much of the game, even as Spider-Man, is based on stealth; so if Assassin’s Creed has been a favorite series, then this game is for you.

There were few, but crucial negative aspects of the game: the black suit featured in Spider-Man 3 was not available to unlock nor was the Venom suit. Although the game had a great plot filled with drama and action, the story was way too easy to beat.

If the player does none of the side missions, they could beat the game in three days, but I suggest doing all the missions to unlock the slickest suits and get the full value of the $60.00 spent. I also would have liked to see an appearance of either Green Goblin, Sandman, Lizard, or Venom.

The final scene hints of a sequel when terminally ill Harry Osborn reaches his tentacle-like arms out to his father, Norman. If disappointed the story is over, don’t fret, Spider-Man’s episodic DLC titled, The City That Never Sleeps, will be released in three parts. The first chapter, “The Heist,” will be released Oct. 23.

Even with the game’s few faults and cliffhangers, it created a revival of the old-comic spirit while adding modern effects and graphics that could open up a door to more Marvel video games.