Step team prepares for upcoming performances


Akina Whalen

The step team practices after school with co-captains Lay-Lay Hoffman and Aliyah Webster leading.

Step Team remains optimistic as they prepare for upcoming pep rallies with a team of six returning veterans, including Brii Reynolds, Maliya Evans, De’Nasia Roscoe, Mary Boswell, Aliyah Webster, and Lay-Lay Hoffman. After 19 boys and girls tried out, 16 new members joined the squad, with a total of 22 girls and 3 boys.

English teacher Christina Frierman started this year and looks forward to the rest of the season.

“Mrs. Frierman has been coaching just this year, but she’s doing a really good job,” said a new sophomore Isabella Flores.

With the winter, all-school assembly on Dec. 14 the team has and will continue to rehearse until the performance. Returning junior Aliyah and senior Lay-Lay both co-captain their practices after school with new and trendy choreography.  They are also planning a history of step for Founders’ Week and plan to compete in March.

“The royalty step team is building a team that celebrates the cultural roots of step while embracing diversity,” said Frierman. “We are super excited for a year of camaraderie and experiences.”