With couches and futons, business teacher seeks to create comfort in classroom


Nicole Wilcox teaching her fourth block Financial Management class

Business teacher Nicole Wilcox surprised students with a remodeled classroom over the weekend. She spent the weekend of Sept. 28 and 29 changing out the computer desks and bringing in a futon and rug.

“My husband and I came in over that weekend to set everything up,” said Wilcox. “I have always been interested in making students feel at home when they’re in my classroom.”
She discussed the importance of comfort in a classroom and how it can benefit students educationally.

“When students feel comfortable and relaxed, they are more engaged in the lesson and feel open to be themselves,” said Wilcox.

According to edutopia.org, physical learning environments can affect the morale of students and that being in a more comforting environment can create a feeling of empowerment for students.
“If a teacher is more comfortable in the environment they’re teaching in, it is more likely they will teach better,” said junior Gabriel Chester.