Pets prove to increase well-being of owners

Chloe Bishop, Staff Writer

In America alone, about 85 million families own pets, according to American Pet Product Association.

Pets can now fly on planes with their owners, go to dog only beaches, and sit at the dinner table at some restaurants. Even stickers and clothes with the breed of the animal are sold all around the world.

It is obvious that people have a soft spot for animals.

“I love dogs, when I had a dog it was awesome,” said sophomore Carson DeMartini. “I still love going over to my friend’s house and playing with them.”

In addition, about 387,000 service dogs exist in the United States, according to Aside from registered service animals, pets can help everyday people live a more stress-free life.

“She [her cat] is a great stress-reliever, especially after a long day of school,” said sophomore Abigail Scharnitzky. “I do homework while she cuddles with me.”

Pet owners on average get more exercise, due to the constant walks that dogs bring.

“I walk my dog every night because she really likes it,” said junior Braileigh Modica. “It also helps me get a nice walk in and spend some time outdoors.”

Even the people who live alone feel “less-lonely” when they have a pet living at the house.

“Wherever I go he [her dog] goes, when I sit down, he sits down with me,” said Ph.D. Principal Claire LeBlanc. “Almost like he has an innate sense. He’s silly and makes me laugh.”

One study showed that having a fish tank in the dentist office can actually reduce the stress that a dental procedure brings. A stressful task in front of a pet shows less significant spikes in blood pressure and heart rate than in front of a human, according to

Pets usually require a need for attention, which satisfies the natural human want for touch.  Some may say that “laughter is the best medicine,” which factors into pets being a great stress-reliever. Animals constantly make some people smile and laugh.

“We were playing hide and seek and he [her dog] went straight to the window curtains,” said senior Madi Rohm. “He always keeps us happy, laughing, and entertained.”

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