After 30 years of service, staff honors faculty

A Tribute to the Lints


Daniel Keever

Robert Lint and wife Cheryl Lint, both faculty members at Ocean Lakes for over 30 years, received a plaque at their retirement party back in December. The party was held at Buffalo Wild Wings.

After over 30 years of service, faculty members Cheryl and Bob Lint said goodbye to Ocean Lakes in December. In a high school environment, with over 2,000 students, it is not uncommon for those to make an impact or shed their light. On Dec. 21, the school lost two behind-the-scenes, yet important faculty who displayed a strong work-ethic and cultivated relationships since the school opened their doors. 

“Bob [and Cheryl] came here with the doors, from the constructions all the way to now. They’re plank-holders,” said Assistant Principal Mike King.

The term plank-holder is coined for those who have been in the building since it opened. Among them are staff, such as teachers Erica Connolly, Eric Jaworski, and Yolanda Boothe.

“[Bob was] Brought to work evening custodial, and after three months, they were like ‘we’ll give you your own place’ and sent him to Salem Middle, and once OL opened they wanted him here,” said security officer Jay Seacrist.

Yet, this ‘dynamic-duo’ has not always been familiar with the beach.

“[Bob] worked in Pennsylvania, where he’s from, and he lost his job as a coal miner. Someone he knew came to work [in the system] and said, ‘you come there, and you’ll be a supervisor in like six months’; he was a supervisor in three,” said coach Christine Thornton.

Faculty and staff would agree that the decision seemed valid.

“Our school looks really good because Bob takes care of it and makes sure the right people come in and take care of what they need to take care of,” said Thornton. “Our school doesn’t look 25 years old, I think, due to him.”

While Bob and Cheryl are valued for their work ethic in how they handle their job at hand, the Lints have created a unique environment in Ocean Lakes which demonstrates staff going above and beyond.

“[Cheryl] does a lot above and beyond for the students here; she has served as a role model, really as a mother figure for the kids that have come through this building,” said King.

What many may not know, as well, is that wrestling coach Chris Barnhart is the successor to his once coach, Bob. The two continue to have a tight bond.

“Bob’s been a strong role model and friend in my time here at Ocean Lakes,” said Barnhart. “He loves the people and relationships he has built.”

AP Psychology teacher Carlin Conaway and Student Activities Coordinator John Williams organized the celebration they believed the Lints deserved for their 25 years of hard work– to reward them for all the positive they provided to the building. Somewhere between 75-100 people attended, according to Conaway.

“It was supposed to be a surprise party, but the Lints know everything that goes on at Ocean Lakes, so they found out, and we met at Buffalo Wild Wings…It was supposed to Mr. Williams, Me, Mrs. Bracket, and then the Barnharts. We told them we were gonna take them to lunch, but they found out everyone was gonna be there,” said Conaway.

After their departure, the Lints hope to move back to their home state, Pennsylvania, to be with the rest of their family, as well bring their daughter and grandson with them on their journey.

“I think there’s gonna be a void for a little while, a noticeable void, and whoever replaces either one will have some big shoes to fill,” said King. “They set the bar pretty high for whoever comes behind them.”