Principal substitutes for class fundraiser


Dr. Claire Leblanc teaches seniors as a substitute in Anatomy and Physiology. Photo by Harley Middleton.

Katie Kerrigan, Staff Writer

As part of a new Class of 2019 raffle fundraiser, Principal Claire LeBlanc committed to substituting for a day to give the winning teacher a day to plan.

“It came with a free day of planning in which Dr. LeBlanc would be their substitute, and they would get to wear jeans,” said Class of 2019 Vice President Jennifer Zellers.

The raffle ran for about two and a half weeks, which offered one ticket for $3 and three tickets for $5. It raised “about $100” for the Class of 2019.

“I think the fundraiser was successful,” said class adviser Barbara Newman. “I think that teachers appreciated the planning time, plus they were excited to see how the kids would react when Dr. LeBlanc came in and started teaching their class.”

Newman introduced the fundraiser idea and immediately approached Dr. LeBlanc for feedback.

“I did approach, Dr. LeBlanc, first to see if she would be in agreement, and she didn’t hesitate. She said, ‘Absolutely, I would love to do it,’” said Newman.

The raffle winner was announced on Nov. 14, with the prize awarded to science teacher Andy Bedinger. He will now get to pick the date that Dr. LeBlanc will be substituting to surprise unsuspecting students. They are hoping for a date in late November or early December.

“The freshmen and sophomores in biology will be a little scared, I think,” said Bedinger. “But the juniors and seniors are a bit more used to dealing with administration; they’ll probably be okay. The other day Dr. LeBlanc actually came in to give a student a birthday pencil, so they definitely think it’s a possibility.”