Homemade gifts superior to store bought gifts, displays effort and fondness


Shelby Haggerty

Polaroids taken by Shelby Haggerty that she gifted to her boyfriend for an anniversary.

Christmas presents mean so much more when they are homemade. Gift cards can be seen as appropriate gifts, but in reality, they show a lack of effort and sometimes, just plain laziness. With Christmas quickly approaching and many still searching for the perfect gift, people often resort to gift cards.

However, gift cards can be problematic. I received a $10 gift card to AMC Theaters but never used it, for the nearest AMC Theater is 20 minutes away. A simple solution to this gift-giving dilemma is to make a homemade present, especially when funds are tight.

“My boyfriend and I are both tight on money,” said alumni Shelby Haggerty. “I’ve always felt that it was more meaningful if I came up with a gift idea. By getting him something homemade, even though it’s not something he asked for, he appreciates it even more.”

DIY (Do it Yourself) gifts are perfect for anyone: mom, dad, friends, teachers, and everyone in between. Those $10 spent on a Starbucks gift card for mom could be turned into a coffee gift basket with homemade coffee syrup, biscotti, and even a hand-painted mug. The time and effort invested in making the gift will be truly worth the reaction.

Homemade gifts can be made without even purchasing anything; chances are the supplies are already at home.

“On an anniversary I printed out Polaroids and wrote paragraphs about the background of each picture. I’ve given my boyfriend poetry books I already owned with lines and poems highlighted that I felt described our relationship,” said Haggerty.

Shelby Haggerty
Poetry highlighted as a gift from Shelby Haggerty to her boyfriend for their anniversary.
Elizabeth Parsons
Candy decorated with notes as a present.