National Honors Society, Red Cross team up in the spirit of giving


Jackson Bracknell

Senior Samantha Grimsley signs in senior Jordan Green before donating on Dec 19.

All day Wednesday students volunteered for a blood drive orchestrated by the Red Cross and NHS.

Only students 17 years or older could donate, and a quick screening was done before donating to check the cleanliness of a donor’s blood.

“Around the holidays accidents start picking up,” said senior NHS member Duncan Campbell. “People are more charitable around the holidays so they donate more blood.”

Approximately 50 units of blood were donated, exceeding the request from the Red Cross.

“I almost passed out, started seeing stars, and it hurt,” said senior Haley Tideman. “But in the end everything was good. The nurse said I saved three babies’ lives.”

A second drive will take place on Jan. 2 from 2-7 p.m. at Ocean Lakes, also orchestrated by NHS through member Hailey Sauvageau-Shlaffer.

“Make sure to hydrate and eat lots of leafy greens and red meat before and after donating,” said Duncan.