Administration makes adjustments to school dress code policy

Sarah Day, Contributor

This year, a new dress code policy has come to the high school.

For the boys, most of their part of the dress code remains the same except that they can show their shoulders if they wear muscle tank tops. For the girls, some of their changes consists of being able to wear shorts that are 5 inches long, they can wear muscle tank tops, shirts that have shoulder cutouts, and so much more.

“I can wear clothes that make me feel more confident,” said sophomore Lauren Bacher.

Lauren believes that now the dress code has been changed, it’s easier for guys and girls to find clothes that they’re comfortable in and that they don’t get into trouble as easily because there are less restrictions.

“It’s less restricting, it gives more freedom,” said freshman, Diego Castro.

Diego thinks that now that the dress code has been changed from last years, it’s good for the students at Ocean Lakes because they can where whatever that want that’s appropriate without any repercussions.

“Safety is one reason for a dress code; however, many educators believe that a dress code also promotes a positive educational environment,” said Ed.D, Larry Wilder.

Larry Wilder wrote an article about the statistics about dress code and how having a dress code in schools decreases violence, prevents students wearing gang related clothing, and promotes a positive environment.

“The students seem to have a positive response to the changes, I think they’ve started to understand why there has to be rules about school attire,” said assistant principle, Leah Nelson.