Tardy policy changes for the new school year

Reese Fields, Managing Editor

Administration has decided to make changes to the tardy policy at Ocean Lakes.

“Last year everyone was late. It wasn’t strict enough,” said Attendance Secretary, Crystal Barhydt.

The new policy still includes three first warnings, however, the fourth and fifth warnings include a longer Wednesday detention.

“I feel like the tardy policy is unnecessary and it cuts into high schoolers afterschool time, when some people have activities or work to get to,” said Senior, Dianna Wetzel.

By the sixth tardy there will be a half-day of in school suspension and a Saturday school. After is a full day of in school suspension.

Then by the eighth time and higher there is a revocation of parking permit for five days, or revocation of excused block or refer to Office of Student Leadership.

Teachers are enforcing the tardy policy more this year, they’re closing their doors soon as the bell rings. Students will not be permitted into a class without a pass after this time.

“Its important to be on time for the future, when you get a job, poor attendance will get you fired,” said Assistant Principal Darcy Parker.

A new tardy station check in has been introduced, and is located upstairs near room 225.

“The [secondary tardy station] is trying to make it easier for students to be in class earlier,” said Barhydt.

‘It’s still a little early to tell but right now I feel like it will help,” said Barhydt.