Language honor societies and clubs gather for winter social


Imani Saya

Seniors Natalie Kasmarek, Esther Yi and junior Gabby Serrano roll rice to create onigiri

Language honor societies and clubs gathered together for the League of Languages Winter Social.

The event consisted of a potluck where clubs brought foods from the specific regions of the world and an educational activity that provided facts about the culture.

“It’s just really nice to see different groups of students come together to share a time together and share food,” said French teacher Patrick Rostock.

Foods ranged from German pretzels and Japanese onigiri to Russian delicacies and chocolates.  

“It was just really fun to make. Everyone brought in some ingredients, and we all got together; it was really fun,” said Gabby Serrano, junior and president of Japanese Honor Society.

The latter part of the event included an educational Kahoot with questions about the varying languages and their cultures.

“It’s an opportunity for them to interact with other languages with the Kahoot language questions,” said League of Languages coordinator and Latin teacher Shirley Hall.

The social is just the beginning of the League of Languages events, as they plan to hold many events throughout the course of this year.

“We have several activities that we do, and winter social is the first one; then we have Language Olympics and then spring social, and capture the flag competition. It’s just friendly competition amongst those languages,” said Hall.