Adventurous senior awarded World Traveler superlative


Senior Hannah Petty smiles for her study block teacher on Jan. 11.

Senior Hannah Petty was awarded “World Traveler” by the yearbook staff as a senior superlative.

“I think they gave me world traveler award because I have an expansive and worldly perspective about people and reality in general,” said Hannah. “My friend says that out of all the people in this school, I can be friends with anyone. I am mentally and spiritually versatile in my interactions with people.”

“It’s ironic to me that they gave me the award because I’ve never actually traveled out of the United States,” said Hannah.

The world travelers award is meant for students who have traveled or are planning to.

“I base how I live and carry myself off of love, acceptance, and inspiration. Through doing so, I open myself up to all different kinds of people, who have all different sorts of lives, and enable myself to help inspire them and ultimately heal them,” said Hannah.

The award is chosen by the seniors who were given a month to vote, along with other superlatives, such as “lives at OL,” “class clown,” and “car hopper.”

“Hannah Petty won, simply because she had the most votes for that category,” said yearbook staff member Vincent SheaBerry.