Flat Earth Society challenges globally accepted science with their “proof”

Google a picture of Earth and a spherical depiction will result. In fact, it will be the only depiction. However, a group known as the Flat Earth Society suggests the exact opposite.

These self-proclaimed “Flat Earthers” believe the Earth is a disc with the Arctic Circle in the middle and Antarctica acts as a 150-foot tall wall of ice around the rim of Earth.

Logically, to support their claims, Flat Earthers would need evidence, and according to them, plenty exists.
Flat Earthers believe that because they cannot see the curvature of the Earth from a standing viewpoint, it cannot possibly be round. This approach is called the empirical approach, which is a real way of research; however, limitations exist.

“I think the empirical approach is not a realistic viewpoint,” said junior and rocketry club president Maren Kelly.”I believe you can’t look at one small piece of evidence to fully understand the whole.”

The sole use of the empirical approach regarding the curvature of the Earth is ludicrous anyway. To clearly see the curvature, one would have to be at an elevation of 35,000 feet with little cloud coverage and a wide field of view, according to howitworksdaily.com.

Another commonly regurgitated piece of evidence used by the Flat Earth Society is the Bedford Level Experiment. In the experiment, three poles are set at an equal height along a six-mile-long canal. Flat-Earthers claim that because each pole is seemingly perfectly aligned with one another, the Earth must lack rotundity.

There are several errors in this experiment, of course. One being the first man who conducted the experiment, Samuel Rowbotham, was not a proper scientist nor was he a certified land surveyor. Also, when credited scientists performed the experiment, the results showed that the pole in the middle of the six-mile-long stretch was three feet higher than the other two.

For quite some time, the Flat Earth Society has enjoyed calling the National Aeronautics and Space Administration a government funded fraud. For 2019 alone, NASA was given $19.5 billion for research and space station operations.
Why would the government waste so much money on a fake agency?

Flat Earthers have convinced themselves that NASA’s agenda includes convincing the world that Earth is spherical with fake pictures from the even more fake International Space Station. According to flatearthwiki.org, because all of the pictures of Earth from the ISS are bogus, NASA has no proof regarding Earth’s sphericity.

“The fact that they think [NASA] is fake is just so funny to me because the government spends so much on it,” said senior and TARC leader Ethan Schroeder.