Founders Week celebrates 25 years of “Yesterday…Today…Tomorrow”


Desiray Martinez

Step Team performs its opening act for the student body in the auditorium during Founders Week.

Harley Middleton and Abby Asimos

February. A month of love, remembrance, and community. After our hearts open for Valentines Day, our doors open as well to Founders Week speakers. As we celebrate our 25th Anniversary, administrators have planned a weeklong celebration of presenters from Feb. 11-15.

Created in order to showcase the traditions and history of Ocean Lakes, Founders Week appeals to all students. Alumni and other members of the community come to present their life experiences to inspire students to pursue certain careers or rewarding hobbies.

This year’s theme, “Yesterday…Today…Tomorrow,” encourages students to look at the past in order to paint a brighter future, and it carries on the legacy of Ocean Lakes’ first principal, Jerry Deviney.

“Ocean Lakes had to be unique in order to become one of America’s greatest high schools,” said Deviney. “We knew that to achieve this, it would be crucial to build a foundation based on student involvement and commitment in the three pillars: academics, athletics, and activities.”

According to student activities coordinator John Williams, a staff member since the schools’ opening, the first Founders Week was called Dedication Week in honor of Ocean Lakes’ official dedication as a school.

The keynote speaker at the end of the week will be Kenyon Salo, also known as the “James Bond of Motivational Speaking,” said assistant principal James Imbriale.

Other presentations include OLTC’s One Act Play, NFL standout Aaron Rouse, biology teacher Dave Bostic with the LivON Foundation, the Holocaust Commission, former Vbschools student and now rapper Immanual Mitchell, and commonwealth attorney Andrew Rice, and many more. In fact, over 22 presenters visited Ocean Lakes during the week of February 11 – 15 to enrich the lives of students.