Elite swimmer shows passion and exciting future


Jerra Ewing is a senior that enjoys swimming because it offers him the opportunity to better himself.

“Jerra is all about making himself faster and teammates better,” said swim coach Andy Bedinger He practices nine to ten times a week to improve his skill.

“I swim nine times a week and wake up at four in the morning on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday to lift and swim,” said senior Jerra Ewing. “I practice two hours Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday, and three hours Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday.”

Jerra’s biggest role model is Jack Roach, the coach of club swim league, TIDE, because “he is a source of great wisdom, has fixed his stroke and is a great guy to talk to about swimming,” said Jerra. This January, Jerra will swim in a professional swim meet in Austin, Texas and hopes to swim against competitive college and pro swimmers.

“Jerra always gives 100 percent in every race and in every practice. Not only is he a talented swimmer, but an encouraging teammate,” said senior teammate Julia Wickard. “You can always count on him to give you those last minute high fives or pep talks before a race, and that’s what I love about him.”