New club works with disabled children, raises money


Ashley Owens

(From left to right) Kid2Kid members Saffron Hewitt-Qualls, Anna Mead, Tristan Ray Gammad, and Keelin Espinosa make crafts to sell for donations to St. Mary’s Home on Feb. 20.

Ashley Owens, Staff Writer

Kid2Kid is a service organization to benefit the children who live at the St. Mary’s Home. The club focuses on finding students who will volunteer at the home and raising money through crafts.

The interest meeting took place on Jan. 23, and the first official meeting was on Feb. 20 in room 129.

The original Kid2Kid organization was founded by two teenagers in 2010.

“It started with just making crafts and selling them at local craft shows, and then also kids volunteering their time,” said Alexis Jones, sponsor of the club. “We are taking that model, and that’s what we are going to do also.”

The club will visit the home to build relationships with the disabled residents.

“Hanging out, maybe talking about things that you might have in common, and playing a song that a kid likes are things students can do,” said Jones. “In years to come, we will try to organize maybe a once a month visit.”

Students can also participate in interactive activities.

“You can play with them at the park, you can bake with them, or you can do arts and crafts,” said junior Ryan Sherman, vice president of Kid2Kid.

During the meetings, members work to donate money for the home’s use.

“In future meetings, we will make crafts and organize fundraisers to raise money for the home,” said Ryan.

Kid2Kid offers unique opportunities for club members.

“Hopefully, our students will get the chance to bond with kids who have lives they might not have really thought about before. Some people have these more difficult conditions that we are not accustomed to seeing, so I think it will benefit both the Ocean Lakes kids and the St. Mary’s kids,” said Jones.