Disney Channel’s content plummets, disappoints

Disney Channel’s message has changed for the worse


Digital cartoon by Katie Kerrigan.

Desiray Martinez, Staff Writer

“That’s so Raven,” “Good Luck Charlie,” “Hannah Montana,” “Wizards of Waverly Place,” and “The Proud Family,” all parts of the limitless list of old Disney Channel shows. With such shows, Disney Channel aimed to teach kids morals, like how to be kind, how to accept yourself. However, if someone flips through the list of options offered on the Disney Channel now, they find a disappointing recreation of what used to be enriching content. 

Disney Channel should revert back to teaching life lessons since they have a large influence on the younger generation. Those life lessons, the ones that often addressed real world problems, helped kids.

For example, “That’s so Raven” taught us how beauty comes in all shapes and sizes or that life does not have to be a bland routine. With its very diverse cast of people, ranging from all body types to all kinds of ethnicities and backgrounds, the show allowed children to embrace the unique.

In comparison, an example of a new, popular Disney show is “Bizaardvark.”

Through a horrid knock off of “ICarly,” a very popular, old Nickelodeon show, YouTube star, Jake Paul, receives an abundance of attention.  Paul is known for being an offensive and relatively bad role model for children. Having someone of this character in a spotlight role is a recipe for disaster and sends the wrong message to young kids.

In addition to the terrible casting, “Bizaardvark” provides no worthwhile message. In fact, boys make fun of girls, the characters mock satanic rituals, and the cast reflects teens’ disrespectful behaviors of today. While no channel is perfect, Disney Channel has a responsibility to serve its audience. Bring back the old ways, the old morals, and maybe, just maybe, children will become kinder, and more aware of life.