We the People, time to embrace the luck of the American

The United States of America is a global powerhouse, a true first world country, and as we head into March, one must acknowledge just how “lucky” we have it.  

As citizens of the U.S., the people often forget just how great it is to be an American. The country has come a long way in just over 200 years, making it the most diverse and progressive in the world.

Our country is a free society, where people are welcome to think, work, and live however they wish. They are free to follow any religion or speak any language. Often Americans complain about the government or whine about some political scandal, but most have never faced any kind of true oppression, compared to much of the rest of the world.  

It becomes hard to imagine that there are places in this world that do not celebrate the same privileges. Some countries are still run by iron hands, where the looming weight of oppression and force people into fear and submission.

But in America, we have a people’s government, a democratic republic. It is run for the people and by the people, and the only person that can take away our rights are the people themselves.  

To protect these freedoms, thousands of men and women risk their lives every day at home and overseas in service to our country.

No country is perfect, and no government is without flaw. There is still racism, sexism, and prejudice from some, but the luck of the American cannot be overlooked.