Starting sophomore holds defensive line


Maury Cooke

Ali runs the ball down the field for her Beach FC team Nov. 29, 2018

Go-to player Ali Ross returns for the 2019 spring season soccer team and hopes to play every minute possible.

“My most memorable moment from last year would be our game against Landstown. It was a very difficult game physically, and we had been tied 1-1 for almost the entire game,” said Ali. “With 20 seconds left, we managed to get a free kick and scored off of it, winning the game. Everyone was jumping and yelling, and I was so proud to be part of the team in that moment.”

She looks forward to reunite with her teammates and confident for another successful season, Ali has started to prepare for the first game.

“This year, I’m looking forward to the team getting back together since we haven’t all played together since the spring, and I am very excited for the season to start,” said Ali.

Ali works hard on the field to keep her position as a starter, one that she has held since the first game of freshman year. Her coach sees her as a key player.

“[Ali] has composure under pressure, tackles hard but keeps possession. She may appear to be a young player, but she’s a beast to defend against the best strikers at the beach,” said varsity coach Christine Thornton.

Ali motivates her team on the field but also takes her leadership skills to school.

“Ali is super positive both on and off the field,” said teammate sophomore Juliana Taxter. “She is always encouraging people to do their best and never fails to put a smile on her teammates’ faces. Her hard work and determination motivates me to do my best.”