Beach light display makes updates from usual set up

Beach light display makes updates from usual set up

The McDonald’s Holiday Lights at the Beach is one of the local spots that people can visit to see holiday light displays.

According to, many families “make this unique light show a part of their holiday celebration.”

Over 30,000 families a year load up in their cars, go to the oceanfront, and drive along the boardwalk to see the display set up. The light display goes two miles down the boardwalk, starting at First Street and ending at 33rd.

“I actually went at the beginning of December,” said Freshman Hunter Randolph. “The holiday lights are a great way to get families together.”

Although this is a common show during the holidays, it seems that after 22 years of the lights being shown, there hasn’t been much change to lights in the past.

There is typically the same set up annually, and anyone that has gone in the past can almost predict what lights they will see next along the drive, but there has been some add-ons in recent years.

A few more lights, such as the spiraling lights tunnel, arches of swimming fish, and the navy jet display, have been added within the last few years, and there has been a change to the music that was made a few years back. Instead of a CD given to the drivers, there is now a radio station that drivers switch to.

“I love going to see Christmas lights,” said junior Sam Libasci. “I personally either go to the lights at the beach or Botanical Gardens every year.”

There are other areas close by in Virginia that have light displays as well. Other options include the Norfolk Botanical Gardens and Christmas Town at Busch Gardens.

The Botanical Gardens is on its 21st year of doing the lights and it was voted number eight in best light display in the country through USA Today/10Best contest in 2014.