VDOE administers mandatory survey


Most recent data from the 2016-2017 VBCPS school climate survey from Department of Planning, Innovation, and Accountability Office of Research and Evaluation. Infographic made on Postermywall.com by Imani Saya

The Virginia Department of Education (VDOE) administers a first-time mandatory school climate survey for grades 4-5 and 6-12; students rank academic support, interpersonal relationships, discipline, safety, and more on a scale of agreement.

“ With everything going on today, it’s important they make sure that students feel safe in the place they go to every single day,” said junior Shreya Raj.

The goal of the VDOE is to receive an 80% participation rate from teachers, students, and staff from each school. As last reported, 25% of the Ocean Lakes student population has completed the survey. The participation percentage from the state will be revealed sometime later this year. The school will host a pajama day if the school reaches 80%. 

In past VBCPS school climate surveys, Ocean Lakes scored higher on navigational markers in all areas.

“We do have areas for growth, particularly developing more positive relationships with administrators, a greater sense of student belonging, and our percentage of students involved with community service,” said Administrative Assistant Lindsey Comfort.

Collecting data and receiving feedback from students may ensure improvements in students’ learning experiences and environments.

“It is much like voting – it’s your chance to be heard,” said Comfort.