Astronomy class walkabout introduces visible light spectrum


Chloe Bishop

1B Astronomy students (from left to right) Devin Vensland, Noah Anderson, Sydney Lussier, and Sarah Hester look at the sky over the football field through prism glasses. Photo on March 15, 2019

To demonstrate the concept of the visible light spectrum, students in Michelle Bailey-Hennessey’s 1B Astronomy participated in a walkabout through the school with prism glasses.

The glasses showed the entire visible light spectrum while looking at only white light.

“I thought it was really cool, and the spectrum was really interesting,” said senior Sarah Hester. “It changed how I perceived light, and I wish we could do this more often.”  

The final stop of the walkabout led students to the football field to look at the sky and the reflection off the bleachers.

“I don’t think students realize that light actually contains all of the colors of the rainbow,” said Astronomy teacher Michelle Bailey-Hennessey. “I think letting you experience all of the colors of the rainbow helps you out for future labs.”