Student Help Desk hosts Hour of Code event


Fara Wiles

Students Ceven Hill, Ethan Danforth, and Antonio Spellman learn how to use a Makey-Makey during the school’s Hour of Code™ event on December 6.

In honor of computer science education week, the school hosts an Hour of Code™ event.

The event took place on December 7 and 8 in Lab 202 for It’s Academic classes, and it provided a chance to give everyone a foundation in computer coding.

According to instructional technology specialist Bridget Mariano, the Hour of Code™ is a concept created by® to spread knowledge about computer science. Their vision is that every student should be able to learn coding because it is a large part of everyday life.

“We all depend on technology,” said William Adams in a video on®.

All dolphins, students or staff, were invited to participate.

Mariano said activities were arranged by Student Help Desk sophomores Lucas Alexander and Keano Rich, and they included video game-style tutorials, actual coding practice, and the most popular activity, the Makey-Makey.

“Students used play-doh, bananas and aluminum foil to design their own user interfaces.  The banana piano was quite a hit,” said Mariano.

“The programmers of tomorrow are wizards of the future,” said Gabe Newell, C.E.O. of the Valve Corporation.