Prestigious student heads to Northwestern on a scholarship


Josh Esposo

Ethan Boardman giving senior presentation to students in Ocean Lakes Schola.

Senior Ethan Boardman has discovered a program called QuestBridge that offers high level, full-ride scholarships to kids who overachieve in school, regardless of their economic situation.

The process of QuestBridge starts with the initial application. If accepted, that individual is named a finalist, and the finalist then applies to their top ten schools.

If the schools take an interest, QuestBridge will match the applicant with the highest preferred choice. Ethan’s top choice was Northwestern, and the amount of money should accumulate to around $300,000.

“Northwestern has one of the most prestigious music programs in the country. So I thought, that’s just another plus,” said Ethan. “I wanted to go there primarily for the academics and the engineering school. I pre-auditioned for trumpet, and they didn’t even offer me an audition, which is crazy, because I was sixth in the state last year.” 

“I wanted to go to Northwestern, so I ranked it first and Northwestern wanted me. You get in, you go,” said Ethan.