Freshmen strike lucky with bowling field trip during PE


Reese Thornton

(From right to left) Freshmen Ian Jones, Evan Roney, Billy van Deusen, Alex Wilder, and Adam Caputti pose at the Seaside Lanes Bowling Alley on March 25.

Physical education teacher Christine Thornton has taken over 250 freshmen on her favorite field trip, bowling.

They played two games at Seaside Lanes Bowling Alley as a bonding activity, and they had the whole alley to themselves.

“There are so many benefits to bowling.  It is an activity that you can do forever.  It is very social, with time spent with friends, and it allows for social connections which help your mental health.  When talking about how the body moves, it is a great example of levers, as well as how the ball spins is an excellent example of force and Newton’s law of rotation.  Although these are scientific terms, they apply to everyday sports and activities, ” said Thornton.

One student agreed that the field trip was a fun social experience.

“We played two sets and got a chance to meet people around us,” said freshman Billy van Deusen.