Leadership Workshop celebrates 25 Years of Gold

Workshop delegates build their legacies at Triple R Ranch


Counsels participate in a round of Alaskan Baseball. Photo by Fara Wiles.

With over 177 attendees, 25 student leaders, and about 28 chaperones or instructors, Leadership Workshop celebrated “25 Years of Gold” with the theme, “Build a Legacy.”

Delegates departed for Triple R Ranch on Thursday, March 28, to start off first day activities, separating into seven different councils.

“I learned over the weekend that I’m more of a maternal leader,” said sophomore Rex Fenner. “I love seeing the growth in other people that I directly affect, but I’d rather not have the attention on myself.”

Students participated in skits, team building activities, leadership skill instructionals, and icebreaker games. Some of these games consisted of Alaskan baseball, OL-ympics, and Switch If.  On the last day, workshop co-sponsor Darcy Pohl stressed the importance of legacies and bringing back leadership skills to Ocean Lakes. 

“I think the greatest accomplishment was taking 20 more kids, adding a seventh council while also trying new things, and keeping some of the parts of workshop ‘fresh.’  It is always my favorite part watching the student staff members run the event and problem solve after so many hours spent planning it,” said Pohl.