‘The Umbrella Academy’ rains down on high expectations in hero series


Seventeen magazine depicts the six kids from the Netflix series, “The Umbrella Academy.” Picture from seventeen.com.

“The Umbrella Academy” does not live up to its hype. Despite the positive talk about the original Netflix series, after I watched the first episode, I had no desire to watch more.

The series showcases seven unique individuals, who work together to prevent the end of the world in just one week. However, two conniving characters who wear animal masks interfere.

Each episode, though considered weird and fascinating, went by so slowly that I could not stop looking at the clock. In order to write this article, I forced myself to sit down and watch it. With so much cliche, the series lacked intrigue.

However, the boring plot was slightly redeemed by a few interesting characters. I enjoyed the witty commentary of “5,” played by Aidan Gallagher, and the character “Vanya,” played by Ellen Page, who I can relate to because she plays the violin and exhibits awkward social skills. Heroes or heroines who have some human qualities and flaws help viewers make personal connections.

“Luther,” played by Tom Hopper, played the usual role of a selfless, die-hard superhero, while “Allison,” played by Emmy Raver-Lampman, followed through as the secret love interest.

The point the directors, Steve Blackman, and Jeremy Slater, seemed to make in this a crazy series deals with the paradox of time. Though I’m not a big fan of The Umbrella Academy, I can credit the staff and production team for its work and dedication.