Oceanography explores nature trail in honor of Earth Day


Collage depicts students on the top right, Victoria Guerrero and Kiley Welsh, sitting at a bench working on their environment essay. Eva-Rose Munoz, Allyson Centeno, Kayla Faircloth, and Katrina Tefft are walking down the trail in the bottom right. The left shows an American flag next to a rock with a painted yellow flower. Pictures taken by Makenna Miller.

In honor of Earth Day, oceanography teacher Donald Hart and his classes walked the trails outside to cultivate an appreciation for the surrounding nature.

“I want the students to reflect on the environment,” said Hart.

Hart emphasized the point of keeping the planet clean. Some people gazed and walked around the trail while others sat on a bench to work on their environment essay.

“Being surrounded by the nice shade trees, the scenery, the fresh air, the cooler temperatures, and thinking about it with respect to years from now when it won’t be like this again,” said Hart.