Seniors take a branch of Ocean Lakes to preserve memories, legacies


Chloe Bishop

Seniors (from left to right) Alexander Bowles and Lillian Ayres sand the pieces of wood in Astronomy teacher Michelle Bailey-Hennessey’s advisory. Photo on May 1, 2019

On the last advisory of the 2019 school year, seniors received a piece of an oak tree, which was formerly planted in the front of the school. The tree was cut down and preserved in 2014 due to rot after multiple lightning strikes.

In honor of the school’s 25th anniversary, technical education teacher Scott Sonier cut the tree into small, two-inch pieces so they could be used as key chains.

“It took [several seniors in my construction class and me] several classes to cut them and drill them,” said Sonier.  To name a few were Robert Osborne, Thomas Moore, Dylan Brown, Grant Manock, Patrick Glenn, Dawson Weiss, and Logan Griffith.

Students then used sandpaper to shape and smooth down the edges.  According to senior Lauren Bacher, she had never experienced working with wood and sandpaper before and enjoyed the exercise.

“I like the idea of being able to take a piece of Ocean Lakes with me,” said Lauren.