Boy’s tennis team boasts top academics


Junior Anand Kolli serves in pod game against Bayside High School. Photo by Katie Kerrigan

Demonstrated by both their 8-3 record and impressive academic resumes, the boy’s tennis team clearly represents a group of hard-working players. With an entire team composed of academic-minded individuals, they boast something very unique.

The team’s average-weighted GPA is well above the norm with a 4.37 overall, and each member of the team displays dedicated effort to maintain this academic record.

“We are a team that holds our academic integrity to a high standard, and I think that is very important,” said junior Jondre Macaraeg. “Everyone can hold each other accountable. We all know that if we ever need help with schoolwork we have 15 other guys who are willing to help.”

Additionally, the team has an impressive list of standardized test scores, including both the SAT and the ACT. Juniors Josh Minter, Noah Do, and Jondre Macaraeg all achieved a perfect score on the ACT this year. The team’s average score on the SAT is 1530, and seniors Calvin Cummings and Keano Rich both hold scores of 1590.

“Having seniors that are successful has really inspired my teammates and I to do the best that we can, whenever we can,” said junior Josh Minter.    

This year’s boy’s tennis seniors hold an impressive list of college admittances and decisions. Next fall, Evan Allen will be attending Virginia Tech, Calvin Cummings will be attending Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and John Wong will most likely be attending the University of Southern California. Most notably, Keano Rich, recognized as the 2019 Brickell Scholar, will be attending Vanderbilt University on a full ride scholarship.

The boy’s strong focus on academics clearly pays off, and their hard work does not go unnoticed.

“Whenever the tennis players in my class leave last block early for a match, it’s always the smartest kids in the class,” said senior Corey Coerse.