Seniors prepare for “A Night to Remember” at prom


Senior Cheyenne Zawacki holds her prom dress inside a pink garment bag from All the Rage. Photo taken by Cheyenne Zawacki.

It is that time of year again when senior prom preparations come full circle. In the last few weeks leading up to the night, seniors finalize their prom plans by purchasing tickets, putting the final touches on lavish attires, and making post-prom plans.

After arrangements are made and “promposals”  are finalized, a question of dates and dinner come into play. Some seniors have decided to stick with their significant others for June 8.

“I’m going with my boyfriend Cole, and we’re going to have a picnic hopefully at the beach before we get ready,” said senior Rachel Pelton.

Senior Joanna Tanap decided to attend with a “close group of friends for a more casual night,” and she followed up by stating that her “Asian girl group” made these plans early on in December.

Although many have already made plans to go with others, senior Alison Stitik decided best to go alone.

“I plan on just going solo to prom. I’ll see everyone there, and we’ll meet after for a late dinner,” said Alison Stitik.

Contrary to the popular tradition of eating out before prom, senior Angel Marinaro plans to eat afterward but nowhere too fancy.

“A close group of friends, my mom, some of her friends, and I plan on heading to IHOP for some late-night breakfast,” said Marinaro.

As far as why everyone chose their particular prom looks, the choice is usually based on personal taste.

“I want to go full spooky, Halloween king for prom,” said senior Vincent Sheabery. “I would just take the opportunity to express myself in a creative way.” 

Before senior Cheyenne Zawacki chose her prom dress, she wanted more of a “pastel, princessy” look but tried on something completely new and picked the new dress on the spot.

“You just know it’s yours when you see it on in the mirror. Your eyes light up and no other dress that you try on after it matters because all you can think about is that one dress. You only have prom once,” said Zawacki.