No.3 prospect, number one determination

Naquan Brown claims third overall in his class for the state of Virginia.


Naquan Brown (number ten), Tyler Verner (number 89), and Devon Allen (number six) get ready for the next play at the Virginia Beach Sportsplex. Photo taken by: Recruit 757

Sophomore Naquan Brown received his eighteenth offer on May 15 from the University of Massachusetts. Since Feb. 9, when he accepted his first offer from Virginia Tech, the 6’3 200 lb defensive end picked up 17 offers within the span of three months.

“I’ve always liked playing sports,” said Naquan. “I have been playing  [football] since I was three.”

Some of the sophomore’s offers include the University of Virginia, Penn State University, and Louisiana State University.

“He is very highly motivated, and he has the skill set with his size, ” said coach Joe Jones.

Brown became the No. 3 prospect in his class in the state of Virginia because of his dedication, with his attendance of elite camps and a 7 on 7 travel football team as well as his practices for Ocean Lakes football.

“What separates him is the way he plays on the field, the way he plays his position,” said Jones. “Defensive coaches want someone who can get to the quarterback.”

Sure enough, Naquan’s determination and hard work allows him to be able to reach the Quarterback at any given play.

“Out of practice all [Naquan] does is sleep and breathe football,” said teammate Quamah Brown, “He continues to stay motivated to become a better athlete.”